Monthly Archives: June 2012

6/14/12 – I must learn to love the fool in me


“I must learn to love the fool in me–the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant whom I also harbor and who would rob me of my human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my Fool.” ― Theodore Isaac Rubin

6/13/12 – Be Someone Who Makes You Happy!


“Be With Someone Who Makes You Happy!”

Best quote I’ve seen in awhile. Every time I get into a relationship I struggle to be responsible for my own happiness. I’m not sure why it happens, but it’s like I have amnesia and forget how to do it. I need to look at this everyday! I am the ONLY person who can make myself happy!

Be the “SOMEONE” that makes you happy. It is your responsibility!

6/7/12 – Always look again!


“At first glance it may appear too hard…look again…always look again.” – Mary Anne Rodmacher

I’ve had 4 root canals, 2 knee surgeries, emergency gallbladder surgery and a shoulder surgery all before the age of 30. And now I will add another knee surgery to the list. This was my inner dialogue this morning. Where am I now?


Oh well, tough, get over it…that’s what I’m saying in my head. Get over it, Lauren! There a million things in this life that are tougher than what I’ve been through, tougher than I can even imagine for that matter. This morning, when reality finally hit me that I couldn’t put off this surgery any longer, it appeared hard! Not just hard, but defeating! Until a friend of mine said, “Stop being a defeatist.”  And she was right! All I was doing was sitting there thinking to myself how hard it was going to be, how defeated I was, all the mountains it was going to create for me to climb, instead of trying to figure out how I was going to overcome them. I forgot about all the support that I have and how strong I truly am.

Look at the little girl below….When things appear too hard, look at this sweet girl, then look at your problems again and realize that you got this. It’s tough? Well, GET OVER IT! Stay strong, defeat your problems, don’t let them defeat you. Draw the “hair” and “bow” on your “mountain” 🙂

6/1/12 – The Art of Writing


“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” – Gustave Flaubert

I’ve always loved to write: poems, lists, letters, stories, journal entries, cards, etc. It frees me, it calms my mind, it is how I express my thoughts and my feelings. But, ultimately, it truly is the art of discovering what I believe. I have “aha” moments all the time when I write. Sometimes, when I’m writing a letter or writing in a card to someone, I get so lost in what I’m doing, my hand and mind take over and I don’t even realize what I’ve written. Upon reading my words back to myself, I am sometimes in awe of how well I articulated my true feelings and emotions and I am amazed how often I learn from myself. I write the best when I sit down and think to myself, “I don’t even know what to say or how to say it.” It’s those times that it just flows out of me, soul to pen, pen to paper.

I have a journal next to my bed titled “What are you here to teach me?” In this I write names of friends, acquaintances,  family members, lovers and even strangers and then list what I’ve learned from them and our relationship and possibly what I continue to learn from them. I wrote in this last night. I was in a weird place in my head and I had gotten off track. Sitting down and doing this brought me back to my center, gave me perspective and helped me to discover what I believe, helped me to define some of my relationships and how I got to where I am. I felt so refreshed and so cleansed. My mind was at peace with my heart…and that’s a hard place to get to in a fast paced world!

So, I learned again, because I continually forget, that writing is my outlet. It’s the wings on which my soul flies to get to my beliefs and a place of true understanding and peace of mind. If I could thank writing, I would. I suppose the only way to give thanks to the act is to share it with others. So, thank you all for taking the time to read what I write and I hope you can sometimes discover some of your beliefs through my enlightenment process.