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11/30/12 – The New Normal


“Expectations are a funny thing. You waste so much time guessing what your life could look like, but the thing is, you can’t really know until the day you open your eyes and see that if you let go and lean into the unexpected, it may be something more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.”

— The New Normal

I don’t know if any of you watch the new show on NBC, “The New Normal” but I highly recommend it…if you have an open mind that is. It is a GREAT show that, although sometimes crosses societies lines addressing our “elephants in the room,” teaches us SO MUCH about life. If you love the quote above, give the show a chance. It is on NBC, Tuesday nights at 9:30/8:30 c


11/27/12 – Seek to impress by who you are


“Seek to impress by who you are not with what you have.”

I was recently introduced to by a friend. I liked their page on Facebook and have been hooked ever since. Since following Becoming Minimalist I have filled over 6 trash bags with clothes and other household items for Goodwill. This page reminds me every day how important it is to be yourself and to define yourself by WHO you are and not by WHAT you have. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather someone be impressed with you because of who you are that no one can take away from you rather than impress other with material things that will fade away?

11/24/12 – A Blessing or a Lesson


“We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.” – Frank Ocean

I honestly believe that every person we meet in this world is here to stay in our lives forever at some capacity or to stay there long enough to teach us something about life and ourselves and then go away. I keep a journal next to my bed titled, “What did you teach me?”  Those persons that come into my life and then end up leaving get sections in this journal. I try not to get sad about them leaving, instead I try to figure out why they were ever there to begin with and record what they taught me. It helps me to become more self aware and to grow; many times preventing repeat events from happening in my future.

11/21/12 – 25 Ways to Say Thanks


25 Ways to Say Thanks

By , Bestselling author, Speaker, TV personality, Corporate spokesperson, Interfaith minister
As we approach Thanksgiving, in a post-election, post-hurricane time when our feelings probably outweigh our ability to express them, I thought it might be helpful to explore some ways to say thanks and experience feeling grateful.
Giddy, ecstatic, humbled, moved, awed — grateful. However the emotion registers for you, each of these actions can likely get you there. It is that intense feeling of being alive that we crave and mistakenly seek in many of the wrong places. Remember the feeling these 25 ways give you and recreate it every day.That is living. That is worth Thanksgiving.
(The following list is on the webpage and can be found here🙂
1. Say Thank You With Your Eyes
Make more eye contact with people. Really connect with the gratitude for being alive by connecting with another human through their eyes.
2. Write A Thank You Note (On Paper!)
Write a note that thanks someone for being in your life without them having done anything or given you anything recently.

3. Pick Up A Treasure

When you see something that reminds you of someone you care about, pick it up for them and give it to them “just because.”

4. Perform A Random Act Of Kindness

Anonymously, do something outrageously kind or generous for someone else. Never tell.

5. Tell People What They Mean To You
Do not let an opportunity go by to tell someone what they mean to you personally and/or professionally. Let people know how they make a difference in your life.
6. Create A Daily Ritual That Expresses Gratitude
List five things a day you are grateful for. Light a candle, say a prayer, tell someone you love them, or send out a daily email to your closest buds. Come up with something that will daily put you in contact with gratitude.
7. Volunteer
Hold a hand or lend a hand. Just help someone who needs help more than you do. It will give you amazing perspective on your life.

8. Make A Donation (Even If You Think You Can’t Afford To)
Sharing your money, expecting nothing in return, is a powerful way to show you are grateful for what you have.

9. Write Or Create Something And Donate The Proceeds
Create something that can be sold to support a cause.
10. Give Of Yourself
The gift of your time and attention makes a great statement about how much someone means to you, especially if they don’t get it much. (Hint: Call Grandma!)
11. Make A Kid’s Day
Giving a child a special day that will forever be a happy memory will be a win-win you won’t soon forget

12. Write A Letter To The Editor

If someone in your town (a teacher, a neighbor, a service provider) did something really great, write to the editor of your town newspaper to give that person a little extra acknowledgement. Tell people how this person went out of their way to help. You’ll warm some hearts and maybe cause of positive ripple effect for the person you thanked publicly.
13. Bring A Friend Along For The Ride
If you get an opportunity of a lifetime or get ushered up your career ladder by a helping hand, bring someone you know with you. Do what you can to bring them along. Be that helping hand to the next person.
14. Share A Meal
“Breaking bread” with somebody or a group a people is a great way to express your thanks for them. Serve them as if they were kings.
15. Park Yourself In An Awesome Spot In Nature
A majestic view helps to humble your ego and help you appreciate the richness of your world.
16. Finger Paint
Get dirty finger painting and feel the energy going through your fingers as you press through the paint onto the paper. Feel the privilege of having a body that works.
17. Plant A Tree Or Some Flowers
There is a sanctity to putting living things in the earth to encourage their growth. You don’t have to be a “tree hugger” to appreciate what the earth has given you by giving something back to it.
18. Dedicate Something To Someone Significant To You
Say thank you by honoring someone with a dedication. Whether it’s something you have written or a performance, a book, or maybe even a project, dedicate it as an acknowledgment.
19. List The People That Make Your Life Easier
Write down a list of people that are in your life that do things with you or for you that make your life a little easier. Imagine if they were not there and how much would be on your plate.
20. Give Away All You No Longer Need
Taking stock of your stuff and seeing it go on to people that can use it gives you an appreciation for all you have.
21. Make Someone Something
Engage your creativity, suspend judgement and express your thanks for someone by making them a gift. Whether you have a particular craft or talent is not necessary. Share your creation and tell the receiver what you did to create it.
22. Help Someone Feel Important

Sing “Happy Birthday” at your own birthday party to someone whose birthday closely follows yours. Acknowledge someone else publicly while you hold the floor. Include someone at the “head table” of an event who would not expect to be there. Do something for someone else’s self-esteem.

23. Document Someone Else’s Life
Dust off your camcorder and record an oral history by a family member, friend or interesting acquaintance. You can even forget the camera and just get someone to talk about the stories of their life. Just when you think you’ve been through it all or you’ve hear it all, you’ll fill with the appreciation for the journey we are all on. And the gift of your listening will go a long way too.
24. Kidnap A Friend Or Loved One For A Day Devoted To Them
Show up unexpectedly and steal someone away for a day of activities handpicked for your friend’s enjoyment. Take them to eat their favorite kind of food, take them to a movie they would love to see, take them to their favorite sporting event or shopping place. Plan a day that has nothing to do with you. Devote it to them.
25. Say Thank You And Mean It
“Thank you” can sometimes take on the same worn familiarity as your most comfy slippers and lose it’s true value. Pay more attention as you say it and really mean it.

How To Say Thanks

11/16/12 – Today I am THANKFUL


Today I am THANKFUL!

I can’t even begin to list why I am so thankful today. What I will say is that most of us have no idea how LUCKY we are and how incredibly grateful most of us should be just to know we get to see tomorrow. Don’t just be thankful on Thanksgiving, be grateful every day. Start a Gratitude Journal; write down 5 things every day that you are grateful for: the nice lady in the store, all green lights on the way to work or, think deeper and be grateful that you have your health and the gift of living another day.

Have a great weekend!

no matter what



11/15/12 – Own Your Story


“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the BRAVEST thing that we will ever do.” – Brene Brown

I just came across this quote from Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection: Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. Looks like this may be a must have! Click below to find out how to purchase it for yourself.  I don’t know about you, but just the title inspires me 🙂

About the Book:

Each day we face a barrage of images and messages from society and the media telling us who, what, and how we should be. We are led to believe that if we could only look perfect and lead perfect lives, we’d no longer feel inadequate. So most of us perform, please, and perfect, all the while thinking,

  • What if I can’t keep all of these balls in the air?
  • Why isn’t everyone else working harder and living up to my expectations?
  • What will people think if I fail or give up?
  • When can I stop proving myself?

In THE GIFTS OF IMPERFECTION, Brené Brown, Ph.D., a leading expert on authenticity, shame, and courage shares what she’s learned from a decade of research on the power of Wholehearted Living.

She writes, “Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough. It’s going to bed at night thinking, Yes, I am imperfect and vulnerable and sometimes afraid, but that doesn’t change the truth that I am also brave and worthy of love and belonging.”

Dr. Brown’s most unique contribution comes from her 10-year groundbreaking study on vulnerability and shame. In this new book, she not only gives us direction for living a more authentic life, but courageously talks about “the things that get in the way.”

For example, in the chapter on cultivating rest and play, Brown addresses the challenges of letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth. In her chapter on creativity she explains the paralyzing properties of comparison. Brown may be one of the only writers in this genre that offers us a path for change and an honest look at the obstacles.

As a nationally renowned researcher and speaker, Dr. Brown’s perspective is fresh, honest, and always delivered with warmth and humor. She writes about the experiences we all have, but few of us are willing to discuss. Using personal stories of her own struggle to “embrace vulnerability” she writes about the experiences we all have, but few of us are willing to discuss.

Own Your Story!

11/14/12 – Practice Random Acts of Kindness


“Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster. Your life will never be the same again.” – Og Mandino, The Greatest Miracle in the World

I truly believe in this quote by Of Mandino. Have you ever had a mediocre day, minding your own business and out of nowhere, a stranger is kind to you. Whether it be a nice gesture, a smile, kind words or a lent hand, someone you don’t know has gone out of their way to be kind to you. How do you feel? AMAZING! (Well at least I know I do!) For a moment, when something like this happens to me, just for a moment, I feel at ease, my heart feels warmer and I smile. How awesome is that? And all it took was someone extending me kindness that took all but a few seconds out of their day.

I try to do this with strangers (and obviously friends and acquaintances) as much as possible. Last week I took a cab to the airport. Actually, it was election day and I was exhausted, anxious and a mix of many other emotions had taken over my brain. As we rode along the highway at 5 in the morning the driver struck up a conversation with me about where I was going which led to a conversation about my job. As we got closer to the airport he said, “I know this is a business trip, and they probably give you a credit card to use, but if at all possible you could pay with cash today I would greatly appreciate it. My rent is due and we don’t get paid for credit cards for a bit. If not I completely understand.” I said okay and we continued on in light conversation about his family and my work. I thought to myself, ‘the only cash I have on me is what this ride will cost. What if I need it later?’ And then I thought, ‘If I need more I can go to an ATM, this man seems so sincere and has been so kind to me, he needs it more than I do.’ I handed him the cash as we pulled  up to the terminal and a smile took over his entire face, “You have NO idea what this means to me. You just made my entire day! Thank you so much!” Then he got out of his cab, carried all of my luggage inside the terminal doors (which no one ever does) and gave me a huge smile and a wave, thanking me again, as I walked inside. Now, just THAT, that simple act of kindness, did forever change my life. It’s in moments like this that I realize how alike we all are and how we all just want to be appreciated, understood and respected.

Don’t wait for people to be kind to you, show them how!

Give it a shot!

11/12/12 – Keep in Touch


“Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch.”

I’m sharing the blog post again today because it reminded me of this quote and I LOVE it! I may have even used it on here before but I guess that just goes to show how important it is to me. I keep in touch with as many people as I can. Everyone plays a different role in my life and has touched me in some special way that has helped to create who I am. By keeping in touch with them it helps me to feel complete and my friends all over this world constantly remind me who I am and what my goals, dreams and passions are. And, just think how great it feels to hear from some one that you haven’t heard from in a while that holds a special place in your heart. They feel the same way…so reach out and make a friend smile 🙂 Let that piece of you they awaken come alive again, and do the same for them, even if just for a minute.

No reason to beat a dead horse, it’s simple, keep in touch. I’ll let Moodscope say what I’m thinking:

‘Keep in touch.’ How often have you said it, and how often do you carry it out?

Friendships and relationships can be of immense help and support (and even, at times, the source of stress, anger or hurt) but it’s easy to take them for granted.

To appreciate this, you need only think of people to whom you’ve felt great attachment and affection in the past, but with whom you now have little or no contact. Maybe you were friends because you were at school together? Perhaps you got to know one another by working in the same place? Or it could have been that you met when you were geographically close, but then one of you moved away?

Through no fault of either of you, changing circumstances can lead to weakened ties, and eventually to the complete loss of that relationship, particularly if you have no idea where someone is.

Perhaps you’re like me. I often think of friends from my past, who are now no more than memories. I wonder if they still think of me? I wonder if they wistfully recall the friendship that was? I wonder what they’re doing now.

Maintaining all of life’s friendships all of your life is, I’m sure, an impractical goal. Sometimes I think you have to let go and move on. But perhaps there are one or two relationships which really shouldn’t fall into this category. One or two people with whom you’d like to be in more contact than you are. I expect you know who they are.

A valued old friendship is a little like a beautiful vintage car. Both need careful maintenance. Both have the capacity to lift your spirits and give you joy. But both will fall apart if neglected.

Is there someone you really should reach out to? Please don’t put it off. In fact today’s a perfect one to let them know you think of them – more than they think.