11/12/12 – Keep in Touch


“Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. Stay in touch.”

I’m sharing the Moodscope.com blog post again today because it reminded me of this quote and I LOVE it! I may have even used it on here before but I guess that just goes to show how important it is to me. I keep in touch with as many people as I can. Everyone plays a different role in my life and has touched me in some special way that has helped to create who I am. By keeping in touch with them it helps me to feel complete and my friends all over this world constantly remind me who I am and what my goals, dreams and passions are. And, just think how great it feels to hear from some one that you haven’t heard from in a while that holds a special place in your heart. They feel the same way…so reach out and make a friend smile 🙂 Let that piece of you they awaken come alive again, and do the same for them, even if just for a minute.

No reason to beat a dead horse, it’s simple, keep in touch. I’ll let Moodscope say what I’m thinking:

‘Keep in touch.’ How often have you said it, and how often do you carry it out?

Friendships and relationships can be of immense help and support (and even, at times, the source of stress, anger or hurt) but it’s easy to take them for granted.

To appreciate this, you need only think of people to whom you’ve felt great attachment and affection in the past, but with whom you now have little or no contact. Maybe you were friends because you were at school together? Perhaps you got to know one another by working in the same place? Or it could have been that you met when you were geographically close, but then one of you moved away?

Through no fault of either of you, changing circumstances can lead to weakened ties, and eventually to the complete loss of that relationship, particularly if you have no idea where someone is.

Perhaps you’re like me. I often think of friends from my past, who are now no more than memories. I wonder if they still think of me? I wonder if they wistfully recall the friendship that was? I wonder what they’re doing now.

Maintaining all of life’s friendships all of your life is, I’m sure, an impractical goal. Sometimes I think you have to let go and move on. But perhaps there are one or two relationships which really shouldn’t fall into this category. One or two people with whom you’d like to be in more contact than you are. I expect you know who they are.

A valued old friendship is a little like a beautiful vintage car. Both need careful maintenance. Both have the capacity to lift your spirits and give you joy. But both will fall apart if neglected.

Is there someone you really should reach out to? Please don’t put it off. In fact today’s a perfect one to let them know you think of them – more than they think.


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