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11/2/2020 – I Voted for “Her”


While I checked a box next to a name on a ballot a few weeks ago, it was about more than voting for a person. In this election I voted for “her”…

Your daughter

Your granddaughter

Your future daughter

Your future granddaughter

Your niece

My future daughter

The mother that walked night and day, tired, hungry, and thirsty to get their child to a safer place only to have them ripped from their arms and locked in a cage

The “her” that was born “him”

The “her” that was raped, sexually assaulted, or sexually harrassed and told it was her fault

The “her” that deserves the rights to her own body and the right to choose

The “her” that will come long after my time on this earth

Mother nature

The first female President of the United States

The Notorious RBG

The “her” fighting to get paid the same as her male counterpart

The “her” that is never thin enough, never smiling enough, never quiet enough

The “her” that is bullied for the way she looks

The “her” that is a bitch for standing up for herself and her morals

And, finally, myself. A woman who wants to always have the choice to make decisions about her own body. A woman that has been raped twice and was too scared to turn them in, that was afraid she’d be judged or ignored. A professional woman that has been sexually harassed in the workplace and has fought for respect not only from men but other women as well. A woman that sees EVERY child as her child. A woman that believes love is love, believes that religion needs to stay out of the laws that govern her, and that black lives matter. A woman that believes in climate change and that if we don’t protect this world NOW there will be no world for those that come after her.

I’m with “HER”!I voted for “HER”! And I’ll continue to do it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. no matter what happens this week because for those of us passionate about all of the above, we don’t just “vote” once every two or four years, we vote with our voices, actions, and behavior every day with every breath.

I'm With Her, Too | WIHE