10/22/11 – Smile :)


“You’re never fully dressed without a smile!” – Annie

I was reminded how important smiling was just yesterday on my ride home from work. My lower back was out and the weather had finally taken a toll on my sinuses, needless to say, I just wanted to be home. I was NOT smiling! But, something awesome happened while I was sitting at a stop light.  I looked to my left and two friends were hugging goodbye to go their separate ways. As the one girl turned to walk down the street she had a smile from ear to ear on her face and I automatically smiled myself. Smiles are contagious! They have so much positive energy behind them and seeing this girl smiling yesterday changed my whole mood! Funny how someone you don’t even know can make your day a little brighter.

And, let’s throw two quotes into one post, “Don’t frown, because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.” It’s so true. A smile is part of the outfit we should all put on everyday. Don’t leave it in the closet, put it on, even when you don’t want to. Because it is so important and may just change someone’s whole day around. So, thank you, random girl on the sidewalk, for reminding me how smart that curly-haired, little red head was 🙂


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