10/24/11 – Love the one you’re with!


“The best we can do is focus on what we have the power to improve in ourselves, and when it comes to our body–love the one you’re with.”

– Sara Davidson

I “fell off the wagon,” as they say, after my dad passed away, and I let my health fall to the bottom of my priority list (the exact opposite of where it should EVER be). I wasn’t eating right, getting enough exercise and was barely sleeping. I can’t beat myself up over this now because I had to grieve the way I had to grieve, but the time finally came to take the next step forward. I have since promised myself to NEVER let this happen again. One of the only things I have power over is myself, I can improve my health and take care of my body.

I started a boot camp about a month ago and was back in the game, it felt like, until last Friday…I hurt my back. Those that know me know that I would normally just wait it out and not see a doctor.  But, because of the promise I made to myself, this wasn’t allowed.  I went today and I start my treatment tomorrow.  Turns out there are other things that need to be taken care of as well.

Take care of yourself. Make yourself your number one priority because no one else will. Eat right, exercise and get good sleep.  You only get one body so treat it right! The healthier you are the happier you are.  And, believe me, others feel that energy!


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