11/3/11 – Bella


“Who would we think is beautiful if society didn’t tell us who is beautiful?” – Unknown

Ever since I can remember, my Grandpa called me “Bella” when he was alive.  That was my name. It caught on with the rest of the family over time, and it became an extension of who I am. (Until Twilight went and made it trendy.) Any way, my Grandpa passed away 11 years ago today.  I cannot believe it has been that long. So I figured, in honor of him, I’d use my blog to write about the amazing man he was and how beautiful he always made me feel.

When I was little I didn’t follow E! News or the trashy magazines or even advertisements. I didn’t base the word “beautiful” on anything other than what my family told me and how they made me feel. I looked up to them and can’t think of many men that could hold a candle to the man my Grandpa was. Funny, talented, loving, hard-working, the list goes on and on.

At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is no doubt that the media has tainted self body image and made our world judegmental and insecure. Today I’m making a new goal for myself. Whenever I’m doubting my beauty, I will remember the “Bella” that my Grandpa saw and be reminded what beauty really means.

It’s not all physical, beauty runs a lot deeper than that. So, my question to you is: Who would you think is beautiful if society didn’t tell you who is beautiful? Because, as corny and cheesy as it sounds, ALL of my friends are ‘bella’ to me!

Lawrence “Larry” Serafini LaViola

July 24, 1921 – November 3, 2000


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  1. Love this post! You are Bella to me and this topic is something I am passionate about. I hate the way the media makes us all believe that what is beautiful is for the most part unobtainable. It’s a terrible message. I am so glad your family taught you otherwise!

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