11/7/11 – A Child’s Laughter


“Watching a child’s laughter can teach a candle’s flame how to dance.” – Dr. Sun Wolf

I was never a huge fan of kids when I was younger, I have to admit that. I guess I just wasn’t around babies and children enough to really get comfortable.  It wasn’t until the past 5 years or so that I really started to warm up to the little ones. Nowadays, with my friends beginning to have their own and my Facebook feed full of baby pictures, I’m not sure I could do without the little boogers. Oh how the times have changed! (No, Mom, this doesn’t mean I’m anywhere near wanting my own!)

There is something about the innocence of a child that just makes me feel at ease. They love in a way that only babies and puppies can. Their laughs are pure and honest and they can be a reminder to us all of what life was like when we were children, when we saw the positive side of everything, when everything was fun. We made forts that became castles and just a sheet on our backs made us super heroes. Our parents could do no wrong and we didn’t understand what the news meant or how to feel hate and anger, other than the ten minute fit that resulted from someone stealing our toy.

A child’s laugh can make a bad day so much better! Reminding the inner child in all of us how to dance and how to not take things so seriously. This life is all we’ve got, it’s not like we’re coming out alive! Thank you, Jackson Blaine McGee, (and your mother for sending me my daily Blaine pic) for reminding me to breath and to see the world through your eyes. And oh how pretty they are my love!

Love you, Smurf!

– Your Auntie Fabulous! 😉


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