11/29/11 – Respect Yourself


“You teach people how to treat you.” – Phil McGraw

Not many truer words have been spoken in my opinion. This quote is so short and seems so simple but speaks volumes. Repeat it to yourself a few times, “You teach people how to treat you…you teach people how to treat you…you teach people how to treat you.” Does it make sense? In other words, RESPECT YOURSELF! That’s what this quote means to me.

If you don’t respect yourself, love yourself and take care of yourself why should anyone else? If you don’t think you are important enough to treat yourself right, no one else will see a reason to either. So, next time you call yourself fat, or stupid or put yourself on the back burner, remember that others view how you treat yourself and will follow your lead. Think back of all the people you have treated with the utmost respect, that you would never disrespect or speak a bad word about, someone that you would defend to the grave and never imagine harming. Why did you do that? Because they treated themselves with respect and loved themselves, you were just following their lead.

It’s funny, it reminds me of when I give friends dating advice and say, “Why do you put up with that?” Well, the answer is, because they have taught them to. By allowing someone to disrespect you, you are disrespecting yourself and letting them know that it’s ok. The saying says, treat others like you want to be treated. But I think it can go the other way around too, treat yourself how you want to be treated. Your actions towards yourself will be mirrored by those around you. Teach others to respect you and give them a reason to!

Get it Aretha….Click below for a reminder!


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