12/1/11 – Perfection is a Myth


“We are only human after all.” – Sierra Noble

So I sit here in tears, for no particular reason at all. Nothing happened to me or to anyone else that I care about. I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else. I just got done watching my DVR of Parenthood from last week and this song “Human after all” by Sierra Noble featuring Martin Rivas played the final 4 minutes of the show and it just got to me. I have no idea what chord it hit, but it hit it pretty hard.

I’ll keep this one short, because I think you should just listen to it yourself. Maybe you will feel the same thing I did, maybe you won’t even like it, but I just wanted to share it with whomever wants to listen. Bottom line: We all make mistakes, none of us live forever and we shouldn’t take anyone or anything for granted. Don’t hold grudges, no one is perfect. I promise, one day, you’ll want the same forgiveness and understanding from someone else. Stop thinking about the coulda wouldas and the why and why nots, and just keep moving! That’s what this song made me feel at least. And it felt REALLY good to feel this realization like I just did and to release the emotion it brought out of me. No one is perfect, I’m not perfect, and it feels really good to be reminded of that 🙂

You can find the song below….Enjoy!


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