12/14/11 – Effective Communication


“Anger repressed can poison a relationship as surely as the cruelest words.”

– Dr. Joyce Brothers, Psychologist/Author

Communication. One of the  most important words in the human language, may just be THE most important word. I don’t care how you say it: comunicación, kommunikation, comunicazione, コミュニケーション, Komunikacja, коммуникация, Iletişim, 交流, Communication is imperative! That’s what this quote says to me.

When you initially get angry or upset with someone I don’t think you should immediately react. I think you should take a minute, think it all through, calm down and process the situation and THEN communicate your concerns or issue with the person. The two things you should not do are repress this anger, never saying something, or immediately responding with cruel words. Those two responses are synonymous.  The only answer that makes sense and that will hopefully solve the problem is to communicate civilly with the person you are angry or upset with. The longer you let anger build up inside of you the worse the problem gets. If you NEVER say something, it could build up to the point of resentment. Repressed anger grows and is just as dangerous as using harsh, painful words said to another.

Remember this! It is SO important! We have to communicate with one another. Just because something makes sense in your head doesn’t mean that anyone else knows what you’re thinking, or that they can see your side of a situation without you expressing it. I bet that 75% of the time, the problem is created based on assumptions, gossip, mis-understandings or mis-communication.

Don’t let anger consume your heart. Put everything on the table and leave room in your heart for love. Be kind, be understanding and be open! Click the graph for helpful communication tips.


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