1/19/12 – To be Remembered


“If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”
– Edgar Allan Poe

In honor of what would have been Edgar Allan Poe’s 201st birthday, I decided to use one of his many quotes. I thought hard, and this is probably my favorite from him.

You know the hard times in your life, or the times when you are embarrassed or ashamed, the times you want to block out? Well, I agree with Mr. Poe. Those are the most important times to remember. They are the ones that teach us the most about life. I have one day in my life I wish I could forget, it was the day my dad passed away. It’s in my mind all the time and it is hard as hell. I know I talked about this the other day but there’s something specific I want to talk about from that day.

Those awesome friends I talked about? THEY are what I remember from that day. I try my damnedest to not remember what he looked like, or the pain, or the emptiness. What I remember is the following: the giant hug Melissa gave me as I walked out of the room hysterical, how she caught me and cried with me. From that I learned love and comfort and empathy. I remember Ashley and Anna standing behind her looking at me with eyes that spoke a million words about compassion and empathy and shared pain. I remember Lola and Ashley being there, two people that found out where I was and found me, once again teaching me how important I was to them.  I remember when my brother walked in and we shared a moment that is hard to explain that taught me about family and togetherness and forgiveness, what’s really important in life. The feeling of relief and completeness when Niki pulled up after leaving work, walking to me down the driveway, hugging me and telling me she new it wasn’t fair teaching me the meaning of “family” and reliability. I remember Vickie and her family not leaving our side and I remember every GREAT thing that people did for us; how quickly they showed up, the phone calls, the texts, the visitors, the food, the booze (let’s be real) and my girl friends all sitting in my mother’s bed helping to write his obituary. I remember ALL of that! So, the one day I immediately wanted to forget is the one day that I should and will always remember for the out pour of love and the positive energy my family and I felt. Noted: 8/29/09 is to be remembered!

I have linked my favorite Poe poem to this post it–check it out!

Annabel Lee is also one of my favorites by Poe!


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