1/23/12 – The Love of Power


“When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power the World Will Know Peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

This quote was also said in a more proper way more than a century ago by British Prime Minister William Ewert Gladstone: “We look forward to the time when the power of love will replace the love of power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.”

I’ll be short so I don’t get political. Even though this is my personal blog and I can write whatever I want, I don’t want to lose any of you that read it based on my personal political beliefs and ideas. Staying neutral, this quote applies to all areas of politics in every country around the world and applies to any business I can think of. Power! People crave it and some will do anything to have it. They LOVE it! Why? Where does it really get most people in the end? I seem to think the love of power ends with loneliness and conflict. Like Hendrix and PM Gladstone say, we need to replace this with the power of love. Many of us in this world and in our own country have lost the vision of what is really important in life and I think ALL politicians need to reevaluate what drives them to do what they do, what they stand for and who they represent. I think that peace should be the goal…the ONLY goal!

I just HAD to link this image to Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love.” How could I not haha


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