2/28 & 2/29/12 – Love me when I least deserve it!


“Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.” – Swedish Proverb

Not just love ME when I least deserve it, love EVERYONE when they least deserve it! It’s when we are angry or down and are  possibly  hurtful because of it that we need love the most. No one that cares about you is going to try to intentionally hurt you, so when they say hurtful things or act in a hurtful way, it’s coming from a place of pain inside. Instead of being selfish and getting angry right back at the person, love them! Try to figure out what is paining them to act the way they are because they really need it then more than ever.

You know, today doesn’t happen every year, it’s a pretty special day. I see it as a freebie to make the best out of. So, love someone a little more today, and, as my Moodscope.com email told me today: “Get yourself some flowers. Put on your favourite music and dance. Phone someone you’ve not spoken to for ages. Go to see a movie. Tell a person you love that you do. Have a long bath. Wear a hat. Wear a badge. Wear nothing (close the curtains if you do this though). Light a candle. Eat outdoors even if you have to wear an overcoat. Buy someone a lottery ticket. Play a game with a kid. Play a game like a kid. Learn a new word. Stand on your head. Buy and cook something you’ve never had before. Tell a joke.”

But, ALWAYS, love! (I feel like I should be in a 60s movie holding a daisy or something, but I MEAN it and I’m okay with it!) Linked below is a song that I love! So I think I’m going to just stand up and dance at work because this song is EXACTLY how I feel these days 🙂


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