3/30 and 3/31/12 – Own your thoughts, say them out loud


“The idea of speaking your thoughts out loud is so important. It’s been downplayed recently because now we have medication to help people in situations. But I think it’s important to talk your thoughts out loud, because you don’t really own them until you do that.” – Diane Keaton

I think I forget a lot of the time that just because I think it and feel it, others know what’s going on in my head, but how silly is that? Unless I say my thoughts out loud, I can’t expect anyone to respect or understand them. No one is a mind reader, if you want someone to know something or for others to know how you feel, just tell them, say it out loud. If not, there is no one to blame but you for not being heard and others not understanding.

Like Diane says in this quote, we do have medications these days that help others to “feel better” or to calm their anxieties, but this scares me. Pills will help many to balance their bodies chemically, but holding thoughts in and expecting them to just go away without any effort of your own is a little crazy to me. Get things off your trust, be heard and own your thoughts. This is really all we have that truly belongs to us as individuals so share…


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