5/1/12 – Don’t Dwell on your Shortcomings


“Take satisfaction in your accomplishments. Don’t dwell on your shortcomings.”

I started at Chi-town Boot Camps the last week of September. It was time for a change in my life. I had let myself go after a few tough years and there was no more room in my life for excuses. I’m an NASM educated personal trainer whether I currently practice now or not, so there are especially NO excuses for someone with this knowledge.

Since that time I have lost over 12 inches across my body and dropped who knows how many sizes. (Enough to require a new wardrobe, I know that much.) I worked my butt off for ME and ME alone and met goals that I had set for myself.

The first or so of every month we get remeasured and weigh in to know the status of our progress. Month by month for the past 7 months I have dropped inches and pounds, true accomplishments…Until today, the numbers went up a little. I was DEVASTATED. I dropped my head, couldn’t believe it, felt defeated and went back to my work out with a little less pep than usual. My trainer, Cody, pulled me aside to talk to me about it and to remind me to keep pushing through, that it’s a constant process and to not feel defeated. Something I really needed to hear and support that everyone needs. He’s right! I needed to re-evaluate some things and keep at it.

It’s like this quote says, I don’t need to dwell on a minor shortcoming, or bump in the road to reaching my goals. Everyone faces them. If goals were easy to meet, we wouldn’t have to make them and work towards them. I need take satisfaction in my accomplishments. I have accomplished A LOT since 9/26/11 and I’m damn proud of myself. It’s easier said than done, but I need to pick my head back up and stay motivated towards my goals. Changing your life isn’t easy, no one said it would be, but it is sure as hell worth it! Thank you Cody! And thank you to all the amazing girls (and a few guys haha) that I have met at CBC throughout this process so far. You all keep me coming back each week more than you realize.

This quote remind me of Puff Daddy’s song “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.” Remember that song? I have linked below as a reminder.


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  1. Funny, thing, as I was reading this I was thinking…”Ain’t nothin gonna break-a my stride, ain’t no one gonna slow me down…oh, no. I got to keep on movin”… Then I get to the end you you quoted P Diddy..ha! Different type of music, but still the same point. You rock, Girl.

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