5/31/12 – Are you “Here”?


“In a world that does too much, it is really hard to be present. We are merely really good at pretending we are not  – absent.” – Laura Berman Fortgang

Do you ever sit there and reflect at the end of a busy day of work and life and think: “I have no idea what I did today, who I talked to, what I accomplished!”?  You did so much yet you weren’t actually “present” for any of it. I know I do this all the time. I fill my schedule past the point of comfortable just so I fit everything in, so I don’t miss out, so I’m not “absent.” But what is the point of being somewhere, attending something, if I’m not really even “present”? If I’m not even “there.”

I need to start working on asking myself, “Am I ‘here’?” Time is going to pass us all by because we are so busy not being absent and so busy trying to fit it all in that we forget to actually be present, to enjoy the moment, to take in all the scenery and to feel every moment of our lives. What does the memory of being “there” really mean if you don’t remember why you were there, what you experienced, what you may have learned and what you may or may not have accomplished?

Be Present! Ask yourself right now, “Am I ‘Here’?”


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