6/7/12 – Always look again!


“At first glance it may appear too hard…look again…always look again.” – Mary Anne Rodmacher

I’ve had 4 root canals, 2 knee surgeries, emergency gallbladder surgery and a shoulder surgery all before the age of 30. And now I will add another knee surgery to the list. This was my inner dialogue this morning. Where am I now?


Oh well, tough, get over it…that’s what I’m saying in my head. Get over it, Lauren! There a million things in this life that are tougher than what I’ve been through, tougher than I can even imagine for that matter. This morning, when reality finally hit me that I couldn’t put off this surgery any longer, it appeared hard! Not just hard, but defeating! Until a friend of mine said, “Stop being a defeatist.”  And she was right! All I was doing was sitting there thinking to myself how hard it was going to be, how defeated I was, all the mountains it was going to create for me to climb, instead of trying to figure out how I was going to overcome them. I forgot about all the support that I have and how strong I truly am.

Look at the little girl below….When things appear too hard, look at this sweet girl, then look at your problems again and realize that you got this. It’s tough? Well, GET OVER IT! Stay strong, defeat your problems, don’t let them defeat you. Draw the “hair” and “bow” on your “mountain” 🙂


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