6/28/12 – I get by with a little help from my friends!


“Often the people around you – particularly those who know you well – can see things you can’t. I think this makes it particularly worthwhile to seek their views, and to listen and learn from them. Nobody can tell you how you feel, of course, nor can they tell you how you SHOULD feel. They may, however, be able to see things that you can’t…Therapists do this professionally. Really good friends do it for each other.” – Jon, Moodscope.com

I like to run my life and life situations by my friends on a daily basis. I’m impulsive and I know it and reaching out for input from those that know me best helps me to come to the most thought out and rational decisions. My friends are the best, none of them tell me how I SHOULD feel, they just help me see things from a different perspective. Their viewpoints usually come from a place of total emotional detachment from the situation and this is ALWAYS what I need. I need a friend that knows me so well on a normal day that they can help me to make sane decisions on emotional ones. If not, I will make decisions in the moment that I could possibly regret and look back on later wondering, “Why didn’t you just take time to breathe and calm down before making that decision?”

So, to ALL of you, and you ALL know who you are, THANK YOU for being my sounding boards, for listening to me when I’m a basket case and for helping me to see things from a different angle, a different place, through the eyes of the sane ME when I’m not capable.

A little diddy for you linked below from Paul and Ringo 😉


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