9/20/12 – Change the way you think


“You have to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel.” – Robin Roberts

I watched a video message today from GMA’s Robin Roberts taken at the hospital after she  underwent a bone marrow transplant following her myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) diagnosis. She made the statement above and it is happens to be identical to something that I tell myself daily. I can’t expect myself to feel happy if I truly don’t think and believe I am. Our mind controls who we are and we are lucky that we have control over our own mind…We have no one else to blame in this world for our unhappiness but ourselves. People can do and say things that make us unhappy and life can throw us awful curve balls, but it is up to us to learn from these experiences and grow, remembering to always find our own happiness within ourselves. In order to feel better, you have to think better. In order to feel love, you have to think love. She’s such an inspiring woman.

I have linked the video below if you haven’t seen it (left). It’s very short and a little emotional to watch, but it’s raw and powerful…It’s real life! The video from the day on GMA she told the world about her new diagnosis is also linked below (right).




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