3/5/13 – What are you fighting for?


“But there is suffering in life,

and there are defeats.

No one can avoid them.

But it’s better to lose some of the battles

in the struggles for your dreams

than to be defeated without ever knowing

what you’re fighting for.”

– Paulo Coelho

None of you were invited to the party I’ve been having the past two days…and you should thank me for that! It’s been one BIG pity party for myself. How gross is that!? I know they happen but they are so messy and ridiculous. I was still throwing this party until I read my daily quote about an hour ago and found it necessary to share it today with all of you.

This knee surgery and being a prisoner of my own  home while I rehab has really gotten to me but I have to remember that there will always be struggles and battles in life. If it weren’t for this battle I wouldn’t be able to work out like I want to, dance as crazy as I want to or just WALK without pain for that matter. This is what HAD to be done in order for me to continue on with my life and, essentially, towards my dreams. I know what I’m fighting for! I’ve been fighting since I was 15 to beat the pain that I have been feeling in this knee.  It has been a daily battle for so long. Who knows, I could be an Olympian after this! Maybe THAT’S what I’m fighting for? haha Okay, well that’s obviously not a true statement, but who knows what this surgery might allow me to do that I haven’t been able to do for 15 years.

Please note that I do realize how small my problems are in the grand scheme of things and how grateful I am to even have a home to be a prisoner in, how grateful I am to have both of my legs, how grateful I am for my overall health, my family and my friends….Some times you just get down and, for me anyway, it takes reminders like this one from Paulo Coelho to turn my pity party into a meditation.

Thanks for listening and you’re welcome for not inviting you to my party 😉


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