4/22/13 – We’re all just kind of winging it!


“It’s makes me happy to know that none of us get a how-to guide. We’re all just kind of winging it.”

I wonder a lot of the time, “Am I doing this right? Is this what I’m supposed to do in life? At what age should I be doing x,y and z?” And then I re-read this quote (which is saved in my camera roll) and I feel SO much better! What a great reminder, huh? No one in this world gets a how-to guide for life, we all are really just winging it. When I remember that, I’m relieved. It also reminds me not to compare my life to the lives of others, because no one is doing it “right” or “wrong” per se, we are all just doing what we can and what is “right” or “wrong” for us as individuals. When you think of it this way, we are all creating our own, individual “how-to” guides as the days go by and once our guides are done, they get tossed in the trash. Once we have finished our journeys in this world, our how-to guides then become how-we did guides and no one will ever have the same journey as us, making our guides useless once we pass on. Day by day, experience by experience, our journeys create our guides, there is no guide that creates our journeys.


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