6/19/13 – Happy Birthday Sir Paul McCartney (6/18/13)


“Think globally, act locally.” – Paul McCartney

So I’m a day late…sorry Sir! Yesterday was Paul McCartney’s birthday and I started my post but then never got back to it. How was I reminded? My quote I pulled from the quote box this morning was from none other than PM himself, “In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” The irony made my laugh! I get the hint, Paul, geeze!

Most of you know my love for The Beatles and, between Paul and John Lennon, I am never lacking in the quote department. But I want to focus on the one up top, “Think globally, act locally.” I try to live my life like this. I think many of us get caught up with what’s going on in our own lives and in our own country but forget to see the big picture. We live in an international world and there is no escaping that. We are all connected. What we do here has an impact on countries and their people all over the world. Maybe we can’t all fly abroad and lend a hand but we can start here locally and make a difference that will be felt by someone else across the globe. Change has to start somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a large act, just a positive one. Combine all of those small, positive acts together in each person’s individual neighborhoods around this world and BIG change could happen globally 🙂 I am a TRUE believer in this! So go out locally and do something to help others: volunteer, lend a hand, donate to a cause, offer kind words…but do something locally and never forget about the lives others are living and the battles they are fighting across the world each and every day.


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