“The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart, and being thoughtful and being generous. Everything else is crap. I promise you. It’s just crap that people try to sell to you to make you feel like less. So don’t buy it. Be smart, be thoughtful and be generous.” – Ashton Kutcher

I know I won’t be the first person to share this today, and that’s actually a GREAT thing because this is an AWESOME message! On Facebook last night I started to see comments about what an amazing speech Ashton Kutcher gave at the Teen Choice Awards. I must say, I was a little shocked, so I did a little Google to see what all the fuss was about. Well, FUSS AWAY Facebook, you are right! This is only a clip from the speech but it’s the part that really hit home to me. Preach on Ashton, I like where you are going with this 🙂 And to the rest of you, “Be smart, be thoughtful and be generous!”

It’s funny…I was going to share the quote below a few weeks back but never got around to it. It definitely applies today!

photo (4)

8/14/13 – Beautiful words from…Ashton Kutcher?


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