10/17/14 – Happy 3 Years, Blog!


Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of “A Day in My Quote Book”. It’s sort of crazy to think that I started this three years ago. I can’t say that I’ve been as consistently committed to it as I had hoped I would be but, then again, I’m not sure I had a goal for this blog at all. I just knew I wanted to write and I wanted to share that writing with others in hopes that people could find solace and comfort in the shared feelings and ideas of others. That being said, just ONE comment on a post would have been enough. I’m ecstatic to report that in 3 years I have had 265 blog entries, viewed  a total of 38,581 times by people from 155 countries, all the way from Burkina Faso to Mozambique to Serbia to Qatar to China to Cyprus. I’m not sure I can even put into words how awesome it feels to know that I have “connected” with that many people from all over this world! Sure, website statistics for other pages trump this by billions even trillions, but I don’t care. I set out to connect with one other person across this vast planet we live on and it’s beyond humbling.

Now that I’ve gotten that our of my system I suppose I need to share a quote. The pressure of this today has been a lot. I felt like I needed to bring my A game. But that’s not how I write. I have to be inspired by recent life events, I don’t pick quotes at random. So after a long day that ended a long week, I had to dig deep to find a quote that did my soul justice…


“After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.” – Italian Proverb

I was going to pick a quote that expressed my emotional state lately, but that was too deep for tonight. I was going to pick a quote that touched on love or that was about friendship, but for some reason this quote jumped out at me on SO many levels.

I could sit here and type out how it relates to my Leadership Program in my Grad School class and how I think it speaks to my personal leadership theory; I could sit here and type about how I think that our class system in this country is disproportionate; I could sit here and type about equality ; I could sit here and type about power struggles and fear and bullying…but I think I will let you do that on your own based on those prompts. What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel? How will you view the world tomorrow differently based on the answer to both of those questions?

Such a short and simple proverb with such a DEEP meaning! It sort of makes you wanna check your ego at the door, huh? 😉

For those of you that have followed me since the beginning, THANK YOU! For any of you that have given just one post of mine a chance, it means the world. I write for me but I hope that something that I have said has helped you at some point over the last 3 years and I continue to keep on writing. I’m not sure how often I just know that I won’t stop, and that’s the only rule I’m allowing myself to follow on this journey through my Quote Book.


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