1/12/15 – Our children teach us what life is all about


“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” – Angela Schwindt

Four years ago today I became an aunt. Not an aunt by blood but an #AuntByChoice. This is a title that I am very proud and honored to carry. Since that day my list of “nieces” and “nephews” has continued to grow and with it so has my heart. I don’t love any one of them more than another but I can say that Jackson Blaine McGee, being the first born, opened a part of my heart I never knew existed and gave me the title #AuntieLaLa.

Blaine, I hope that one day I can successfully articulate to you in a way that you understand how much your sweet voice, heart and smile mean to me. You have made so many dark days, bright and you continue to make me prouder and prouder as the days go by. You are so kind and so full of light and love and I am so excited to continue to watch you grow. Oh the places you will go! Happy Birthday, my smurf! Thank you for making me an “Aunt” and for teaching me what life is all about. I think that you are quite possibly the true love of my life! (And I was just kidding yesterday, I know that today isn’t your mom’s birthday, or your dad’s, or Lilly’s…today belongs to you! Oh, and your Aunt Melissa!)



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