10/28/11 – Real Life Fairy Tales


Once in awhile, 
Right in the middle of an ordinary life, 
Love gives us a fairy tale.
– Anonymous 

And I have witnessed SO MANY real life fairy tales this year! I have been in and to quite a few weddings the past few years, but this year especially, and today marks my final wedding for 2011–The Marchetti/Sasz wedding! I will use today’s blog to congratulate ALL of my friends who have gotten married this year and remind them all how happy I am for them.

Let’s just put them out there: The McGee’s, Douglass’s, Pritchards and (in 5 hours) Sasz’s— I wish you all nothing but a lifetime of happiness, health, love and wonderful memories! I’m honored to have been a witness to your real life fairy tales. The love all of you couples have is inspiring and I couldn’t be happier to call you all my friends, and, in extension, my family. It’s not every day that people find the love that you all have. Please cherish it and know how lucky you are to have found one another! I can’t wait to watch your fairy tales continue…

Now, let the party begin! 😉


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