10/29/11 – Give to yourself


“Fair or unfair, sometimes we have to give ourselves what we wish we could get from someone else.”

– Phil McGraw

For most of my life I think that I looked for love, respect, acceptance and acknowledgment from others instead of looking within myself for these things.  Whether it be friends, family, bosses, boys, professors or even strangers, I looked to them for my own self worth and let their perceptions and evaluations of me serve as a self-definition. I settled with this. But over time it occurred to me that I couldn’t depend on everyone else for things, I had to love myself, respect myself, accept myself and acknowledge myself.

I truly believe in the saying, “No one can love you until you truly love yourself.” At the end of the day you are all you’ve got, so give yourself all the things you look to others for and they will follow your footsteps. When you BELIEVE you are loveable and deserve the respect of others, when you accept the things you cannot change and acknowledge that YOU are enough, it becomes the truth.

I am as guilty as anyone so please remind me of this if you ever see that I have forgotten.


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