12/6/11 – Good Memories


“It takes more than good memory to have good memories.” – Unknown

I have a pretty dang good memory, and I hope that never changes, but that doesn’t mean all of my memories are good ones and I don’t  have as many good memories as I do because I have a good memory. The good come with the bad, the bad I try not to think about for what they were but for what they’ve taught me. I have so many good memories because I have been surrounded by amazing people my entire life. I truly believe that I’ve been one of the luckiest girls in the world to have met and know all the people that I do.

It’s the good memories with all of my friends and family that help me to get through some days or to help make the good days ever better. I love getting together with my friends and laughing for hours about the memories we have made. I could go on for pages right with the ones that just popped in my mind this second but I won’t.

Today, think of 5 of your favorite memories, write them down, so that on a rainy day, when you are feeling a little down, you can read about them and be reminded how truly special life really is. Thank you, friends and family, for helping to create the good memories that have helped to create who I am, that have taught me so much and that make my dark days brighter!

This picture is from one of my favorite memories and, the song it’s linked to, another! (Right UT friends?)


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