12/7/11 – Laughter


“What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.” – Yiddish Proverb

I have a piece of art hanging in my hallway with this quote on it. This morning, when I was walking back to my room from the shower, my eyes were drawn to it for some reason and I stopped and read it over a few times. Funny enough, it made me laugh. Just having gotten out of the shower, using soap to cleanse my body, it really resonated in me. How true are these words? Everyone feels great after a good laugh. I think it really does cleanse the soul.

I know that recently, for example, I was really stressed out and it was draining the daylights out of me. I needed something to get it all out of my head so I asked a friend, “Please make me laugh, a joke, anything! I’m about to flip out and I just need to laugh.” Problem solved, it was a success!

Sometimes that’s all you need, just to laugh, let go and relieve stress in a way that feels good all the way down to your soul. I can’t think of any better medicine than laughter. Just look at this baby below! I don’t even know who he is but dang do I feel better just seeing his sweet face laughing. All my troubles go away when I look at him.

You WILL laugh if you watch the video linked to this precious laughing baby!  I can PROMISE you that, this one NEVER fails!


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