12/10/11 – Music expresses the inexpressible


“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” – Aldous Huxley

I was with a group of friends last night to celebrate the holidays, some old, some new. It only took about thirty minutes for us all to realize that we all had ONE thing in common (besides that we were all fabulous people)…. MUSIC! One artist or band after another, we each named some of our favorites: Mariah, Celine, Adele, U2, Beyonce, George Michael, The Beatles and the list went on and on throughout the night. We went through the IPod playing some of our favorite Christmas and non Christmas songs telling stories about many of them and how we could relate to specific songs.  It was amazing to see how many of us could relate to the same songs, to realize the power music had over our lives and our emotions.

Then, this morning, I took the train for the first time in awhile. I don’t work off of a train stop anymore and I forgot how peaceful and therapeutic it was to ride the train, listening to my music, blocking out the world. I hate to admit, but sometimes I forget how important music is in my life and how it expresses the inexpressible, helping to put my thoughts and my soul at peace.

By the end of the night there was one song that we all seemed to relate to the strongest, many of you I’m sure have the same feelings. I have linked “Someone Like You” by the beautiful Adele to the picture below. This is a version that I was told to check out, live at Jools Holland.


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