12/12/11 – Sleeping and Resting


“I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting.” – Mark Twain

I did something WAY out of the norm for Lauren this weekend, I TOOK A NAP, I slept until 10 am on Sunday and I sat down for longer than an hour and did NOTHING at all! And I feel amazing! I never nap or take time to get rest. It really is one of the best things you can do for your body.  Ironically, my daily email from Moodscope I got today said the following:

“It doesn’t happen quite so often with modern computers, but it was often the case that turning a PC off, then back on again really could solve all manner of problems. I think it’s still a useful first step in trouble-shooting. What tended to happen when your computer was doing something demanding such as retouching a photograph or calculating a particularly complex formula, was that it got stuck in a loop – performing processes that were invisible and also entirely unnecessary.The old on/off trick could help no end.

We could do the same with our own in-built ‘hardware’. It’s all too easy to get into an infinite loop of negative thinking. Round and round goes the bad stuff. On and on goes the destructive rumination. Enough already. Time to stop that, and start afresh. How? Perhaps a really good night’s sleep will do it. Or a coat, hat and boots long walk. Or a trip out to see a movie. Sometimes a good cry, even.When you find yourself trapped in a cycle of negative thinking, (a) recognise it (and well done when you do), then (b) do your level best to crowd out the bad thoughts with something else entirely. It’s probably only then that you can start to create a more positive approach.”

Take time to rest, relax, sleep, re-boot! You only get one body and one mind, give it a break from time to time. Click the lion to see more pictures of cute sleeping animals haha


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