6/25/12 – Who do you think you are?


“Our essential nature is completely free. At the basic level of our being, we are “empty” of definable characteristics. We aren’t defined by our past, our present, or our thoughts and feelings about the future. We have the potential to experience anything.”

Self awareness is a wonderful thing but also one of the hardest things to acheive. This is so true, we have the potential to experience ANYTHING! We are not defined the past, present or future. I think a lot of the times I hold myself back thinking that I’m not able, or comfortable, or it’s not “my thing” because of “xyz” that I have or haven’t done before, it’s just “not me”. And then I have to remind myself that I DO have the potential to experience any and everything that I want πŸ™‚ There is no rule book to my life, I create the rules, I label and finish each chapter.

Small moments like this of self awareness are GREAT and always makes me feel like I can exhale, if that makes sense. The only person holding me back is ME, and if I could just control Lauren that would be fantastic! My priest did tell me during confession in the 2nd grade that I had a self control problem…I guess some things never change, but I better start trying to change them. Ha, since I AM the one with that control πŸ˜‰

When all is said and done, it doesn’t matter who others ‘think’ you are. Who do YOU think you are?


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